You need quality audiences at scale – we can help.

AdSource was designed from the ground up with one goal in mind: to reach your target audience at scale on our exclusive publisher network. Built by content advertisers for content advertisers, our traffic engine includes a wide variety of publisher channels optimized to deliver engaged traffic at a competitive price point.

Our Four E’s of AdSource:

Easy: The AdSource Dashboard

Maintain control of your campaigns with our powerful ad platform. Featuring integration with Google Analytics, track and manage your traffic buys with industry leading tools and in-depth analytics delivered in real time.

Efficient: Reserved Access

To ensure scalable audience development, network access is limited only to advertisers who would perform best on our network. Our traffic sources have proven to perform best for branded content websites with multitude of user engagement goals.


Our team of account managers and analysis professionals manage your campaigns with a focus on your campaign metrics. All campaign performance is monitored and proactively optimized to receive traffic from only the highest performing channels.

Equipped: Brand-Safe Protection

Our platform ensures the quality of each visitor before being delivered to your site. Each of our clicks are passed through a filter page that houses our proprietary Audience Quality Engine (AQE) that runs the user click against 175 points of validation including:

  • Cookie validation.
  • 3rd Party IP Blacklists.
  • Proprietary IP and UA blocking to exclude out non-human audiences.
  • Behavior detection to match audience with advertisers.